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Information on this site is not in depth and should never be relied upon as a substitute for legal and other professional advice

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Redundancy is a complicated matter and when restructuring is necessary, employers and employees affected have to navigate through a great deal of information regarding legal implications, taxation, social welfare and other matters.    

This website has been developed to provide information on redundancy in an easy-to-access format. The site has been created by Career Consultants, specialists in redundancy, outplacement and career support - as a public service initiative.

The site has 3 main parts. The first section, General Information, provides information on what redundancy involves and how it proceeds. The second section, Employee Information, contains information relevant to people, about to go through, or going through redundancy. This section is followed by Employer Information.

Content on this site has been gathered, in the main, from information published by regulatory bodies. Matters are not dealt with in depth. Instead, our objective has been to facilitate people to familiarise themselves with broad structures in place, and not provide definitive advice. Nothing on this site should be relied upon on its own or considered to be an adequate substitute for  legal and/or other professional

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